You, us and weddings in pandemic

March 17, 2021

India is known for hosting big fat weddings. Indian weddings are certainly grand and the diversity of our country’s culture offers exotic and awe striking venues like palaces and mahals and wedding resorts.

But big fat weddings come at the expense of a whole lot of preparation and great effort. The behind the scenes of Indian weddings are indeed intense and exhausting. Planning weddings is undoubtedly the most exhausting task and while the preparations go on for months, the strife for perfection never ends until the very last moment. Given that Indian weddings are grand and literally like fresh canvases, waiting to be painted with exotic decorations and immense effort, the scenic beauty of Le Roma Gardenia paints your canvas excellently.

Who wouldn’t want to have a quick, secret pool-party with friends and their partner while the stress for wedding is ravaging them! We have a mesmerizing pool for you to chill at and have a party in.

le roma's mesmerising poolside deck

The pandemic affected all parts of the globe differently. One of the biggest impacts it had on Indians is that the big fat weddings with thousands of guests had to be kept under check. The weddings eventually started becoming like private family functions while many were rescheduled.

The Virus certainly loved our big fat weddings :)

All that make-up and then having to cover half your face with a mask is such a boo-boo. I mean who would get all adorned just to hide their face after all. Our hygiene and venue organization makes sure you don’t need to wear masks or worry about catching the Virus. Getting married while making sure social distancing is maintained and nobody catches the Virus is indeed a big challenge.

Le Roma Gardenia handles everything for you, from pretty locations, carefully curated menus, exotic themes to safe and hygienic service. Everything that you could ask for in a wedding venue in Bangalore comes with Le Roma.

In the current times, an E-Concierge service digitally assists guests in the wedding planning, including virtual visits of hotels and locations. The dedicated concierge brings together a team of wedding specialists who will curate every whim and wish your heart desires; the most skilled and inventive chefs who create culinary wonders; talented florists and dedicated staff, who make it their mission to transform wedding dreams into reality.

Plan your wedding and dive into a relaxed and beautiful wedding ceremony experience with Le Roma Gardenia. Indeed the best budget wedding venue in Bangalore.

Le Roma

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