Place with Serenity

November 17, 2021

How's the feeling when you step into a habitat where you find happiness and peace coming from within because you start to connect with yourself, Le Roma Gardenia is a place that conforms to you with Luxury and Greenery, how perfect is this combination.

A wedding is a beginning of a new journey, a wedding is a symbol of commitment and the foundation of your love for your partner, this day plays a very important part in the journey of life.

Le Roma Gardenia, recognized to be  best wedding venue in Bangalore, gives the environment to create this day even more special, it has everything which you have glimpsed in your vision to make the wedding look like a fantasy.



Wedding traditions include every family member, you feel blessed to sit among them and celebrate each moment because it is the most beautiful moment in your life, and just imagine having the ceremonies celebrated near the poolside, in between in the greenery taking photographs and getting adored from the family with your partner on a fully decorated antique swing, and taking all the oaths under the beautiful mandapam (platform) surrounded by your close family members, creating a new eternal bond under the creation of God, the beautiful nature will be a witness for you.


Le Roma Gardenia situated in the outskirts of Bangalore is the best wedding venue for you, it gives you peace and positivity, and you'll remain pleased with what you've felt, Le Roma Gardenia gives realization of how beautiful our life could be with the presence of your Family and Friends, a day to be worth remembering for every visitor.

Le Roma

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