All in One Wedding Venues in Bangalore

October 21, 2021

For most, this is the one time of your life you get to have a grand wedding. So why not do it right?

This may be more difficult in these trying times with all that's going on outside our walls. However, we at Lé Roma Gardenia are here for you!

We offer a fully boutique, open air venue along with a turnkey package. Some of the services on offer at Le Roma Gardenia include pre wedding photoshoots, bridal photography, bridal makeup, catering, decor and wedding planning.

At Le Roma Gardenia, one of the best wedding venues in Bangalore, we understand the hectic nature of wedding planning and everything that goes into making a successful wedding. A world class team comes together to offer the finest in wedding planning, decor, catering and more along with a beautiful open air wedding venue in Bangalore.

Here are glimpses of the styles and variety of wedding decor that we have done previously, at our one of a kind boutique wedding venue in Yelhanka, North Bangalore:




When it comes to wedding decor (a highly subjective matter based on individual preferences), there are a whole host of factors that determine the final pricing:

  • the choice of flowers
  • the choice of fabric
  • the complexity of the decor elements
  • the locale and amalgamation of the decor into the venue

As a general guide for some of the best wedding venues in Bangalore, including ourself, price for decor can vary from 50k onwards all the way upto 5 lacs.

No wedding is complete without great food! While the bride and groom are often more concerned about the overall ambience of the venue, beauty of the makeup and photography and creating wonderful, happy memories, guests are always more focused on the food. Weddings are one such event where Indians are treated to the best food spreads possible, with a plethora of items on the menu and first class service.  

If you’re looking for a great wedding venue that offers a one stop solution for all wedding related services, visit us and we will make it a very, very special day worth remembering for the rest of your lives.

Le Roma

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