1st Arya Samaj Wedding at Le Roma Gardenia

September 3, 2021

On Aug 22nd, there was a beautiful Arya Samaj wedding at the Poolside Serene Lawns that started early in the wee hours of the morning and ran rampant till late in the afternoon, with guests enjoying the wedding and having a thrilling finale with a delectable traditional Yele Oota. For those that don’t know, Yele Oota is no ordinary meal. It is specially prepared by Brahmins and comprises of pure vegetarian ingredients with over 20 different items on the menu. A burst of flavors that all mix together in a perfectly balanced way and leave you feeling truly satisfied.

The Bride and the Groom Roshni and Varun, after a long period of friendship and knowing each other, finally tied the knot in a ceremony led by Dr. Bramaramba Maheswary, who is one of the leading female purohits in India. With graceful sanksrit chants from the Vedas laying the backdrop for the muhurtam rituals, under the canopy of a beautiful mandap laden with warm yellow hues, it was a sight to behold. The bride and the groom’s parents had invited around 100 guests for this very special wedding, held at Le Roma Gardenia, currently one of the best wedding venues in Bangalore.

Interestingly, the event also witnessed the presence of famous Kannada actor Mr. Kichcha Sudeepa. Sudeepa seemed to enjoy his time amongst family and friends and the team even ended up taking some pictures of him. We’ve tagged him on Instagram here and feel elated about the quality of the patrons that weddings at Le Roma Gardenia play a host to. Hailed as one of the top open air wedding venues in Bangalore, we believe that nature and the open elements play a vital role in crafting weddings and events that are balanced, healthy and joyous.

In a testimonial here, the Groom’s mother goes on to say that “Le Roma Gardenia has a lot of greenery and nature everywhere!” I think that says it all! There is a certain enchantment that the wilderness brings, a certain aliveness that is missing from most orthodox venues in Bangalore. The feeling of being in nature, in an open air atmosphere creates an environment allowing the energies to flow freely. Let us remember that a wedding is also a symbolic rite of passage - of union between two hearts, two souls, who vow to live together, for lifetime. As such it is an event with deep meaning. It is sacred.

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